Deer Fence


Deer fence sometimes is called Game-Proof Fence or simply Game Fence. Some people even call it High Fence. Basically is all the same fence. The benefit to this type of fencing is that keeps animals or humans either "in" or "out". Whether you are trying to maintain deer (whitetail, axis, fallow, silka or mule deer) elk, antelope, cattle, buffalo or other exotic animals, it is by far your best choice.

Whether you need breeding pens for raising deer or other exotic game or several miles of enclosed fencing for a hunting preserve, we can provide you with the right deer and game fencing. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all work.

Their number one goal on each deer fence construction job is to understand and accommodate the needs of the animals, facilities and ranch owners. All fabrication, construction, and installation of braces, gates and high deer fence are done on-site. Construction of your deer or game fence can vary depending on the terrain and your specific needs. Gates are also built according to your needs. Typically, we build 8' foot tall deer and game fencing with a fixed knot system that gives maximum durability to your fence when pushed against by either deer or game.

  • Surface Treatment:hot dip galvanizing


  • Field fences have innovative and firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening and good integration.
  • This product offers good flexibility; good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance properties and can serve for a very long time. Even the cut pieces will not deform under pressure.
  • It has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidizing property. Unlike the welded wire mesh fences with the welding spots getting easily broken, our grassland fences are firm forever once installed and make the best materials for protecting grassland, forestry, highway and environments


Livestock fencing, popularly used in fields and grassland for breeding of deer, cattle and other animals,Pig fence,Agricultural fencing,Farm field boundaries,Lamb fencing.


Model Inner wire diameter Edge wire diam eter Fence height Vertical wire distance horizontal wire distance
1512 1.8-2.5mm 2.0-3.5mm 1512mm 100-800mm 89+89+102+114+127+
1830 1.8-2.5mm 2.0-3.5mm 1830mm 100-800mm 89*4+102+114+127+140+
2130 1.8-2.5mm 2.0-3.5mm 2130mm 100-800mm 89*6+102+114+127+140+


2.0-3.5mm 2440mm 100-800mm 89*8+102+102+114+127+

Materials and specifications can be made as request.

Trade offer presented at the individual query.

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